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Back To School At Last!

New school year, new rules.

Our Junior Campus was beautiful today:
– full of laughter and games in the autumn sun;
– engaging debates and intensive study periods in airy classrooms;
– shared personal stories and lessons about safety and health at school and at home.

Just MTIS teachers and learners face-to-face, doing what they do best, after a long, long time.

Registration Open for Preschool and Primary School! • Premium Education & Beautiful Green Campuses • Admissions & Information:
Head Secretary – Ms. Felicia Zelinca, Tel. ‪+40 724 000 900‬ (Română)
Admissions Officer – Ms. Anca Stanescu, Ec., Tel. ‪+40 735 000 160‬ (English)
E-mail: contact@marktwainschool.ro