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Dear Parents, Directors, Teachers, Friends, Much Loved and Tried Promotion 2020

I am incredibly happy that we can celebrate this extraordinary moment together.

A few months ago, it would have been impossible for us to imagine that your graduation ceremony could generate even more emotion than we expected. However, here we are today, after months of adversity, which have affected our world as we knew it, in this unique reality, which unexpectedly added new values ​​to our lives.

In the global context, your graduation celebration (although obviously less glittering than we would have liked) acquired new meanings and values, a new brilliance that, I think, overshadows even the one for which we had initially prepared. This rite of passage suddenly brought you, our graduates, in front of a strong, unwavering and unprecedented call, from the future and for the future.

Our world needs you very much and asks you, in one voice, to be brave, resistant, proactive and humane. I urge you to channel your young spirit, all your energy, and what you have learned so far, to be able to boldly carve out new and visionary paths - in your future studies, in your chosen profession with passion, in life and for humanity.

It is true that life is sometimes marked by unpredictability, but at the same time it can be of boundless beauty and depth.

Although facing the unknown can be an intimidating task, I strongly believe that you are very lucky to have had access to unparalleled preparation for the road ahead. Whether you chose the national or the international baccalaureate in the last two years of studies, Mark Twain International School guided you with love and responsibility in the adventurous journey of knowledge, helped you open your mind and decipher the world, provided you with valuable tools for life's challenges, empowered you to succeed in any situation and guided and inspired you to be active and proactive, always concerned with creating added value in the community you belong to.

All you have to do is turn your gaze back to the soul and there you will without a doubt find the confidence, strength and abilities that will carry you forward.

And while you do this exercise of introspection, let's not forget to honor and express our gratitude to your parents who love you beyond words and who accepted us as partners in your education and training and to our wonderful and dedicated team of teachers (led by the wonderful directors, Alexandra Feig and Ramona Badescu), program coordinators (Olivia Fotescu, Melania Ilinca, Andrei Ocnarescu), and study directors (Mrs. Sanda Sava and Floriana Florea) - these essential workers who guided you with creativity and calm, through this experience, sometimes tumultuous and full of uncertainties - on your academic and personal development trajectory.

We all believe in you, in your hard work so far and in everything you can achieve from now on.

"Sometimes, it falls to a generation to live up to the highest expectations and do great things. You can be that generation.'

This strong and winged exhortation of the great Nelson Mandela suits you, the graduates of 2020, in these moments more than ever.

Proud Promotion 2020, you are ready to move on. Be fearless and always keep your head up!

Anca Macovei-Vlasceanu

Mark Twain IS Founder, Chair & Head of School