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Celebrating Earth Day 2023

Showing deep concern for our planet, the environment that holds us all together, as well as our lives as an ecosystem, Mark Twain International School embraces and yet again encourages a demeanor of love, gratitude and recognition to our Mother Nature and all its living beings.

Celebrating a major historical movement that emerged in 1970 in the USA, a humanitarian manifest which later on managed to gain a world-wide significance due to its powerful and inspiring values, Earth Day was meant – and still is today – to increase environmental awareness, to mobilize all citizens towards a more caring attitude with respect to their natural surroundings. For that matter, the people from Mark Twain International School joined on the 22nd of April 2023, in sympathy and devotion, the celebration of this annual historical event, in order to demonstrate their support for environmental protection.

Not only were students taught a really valuable lesson about morality, about the responsibility they hold to life as human beings, and how pollution influences our public health, but were also encouraged to make a pledge – that with every day passed, they will have found a small but active way that would contribute to making the world at large a healthier place to live in. For example, by: engaging in daily recycling activities, ensuring a better management of their water supply, as well as a more responsible use of electric energy. Also engaging in the use of green energy, even planting something for themselves inside their apartments or outside, in the garden. For as long as our planet’s resources are used responsibly by all citizens of the world, we – the people – are closer to our mission’s ideal we have for so long striven to fulfill.

Engaging in beautiful and responsible acts meant to improve the quality of life, this year, the students from the PYP, MYP and DP zestily celebrated Earth Day by rolling up their sleeves, grabbing the gardening tools and water hose, and doing some serious planting together with their teachers and the school gardener. All this to the delight of our vibrantly colourful Primary and Secondary Campuses flower beds and gardens, that have come to life once again, in a dazzling ray of joy and happiness, embracing us all in a wonderful feeling of spring rejuvenation.

Florin Ionescu

Advancement Officer

Mark Twain International School