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Celebrating World Peace Day 2023

Today marks a very special moment in our school community. Today, on the 21st of September 2023, over 500 students, teachers and special guests gathered in our Senior Campus in order to celebrate the International Day of Peace.

This event was meant to inspire not only the younger generations, for it represents a unanimous celebration of our humankind and a call for a peaceful world; its purpose was to motivate all generations, to strengthen our human connections, to unify, as well as to remind our community of our school mission, which is rooted in the core values of humanity, about the aspects of life that we, for so long, have been striving to fulfil and maintain as a definition of our day-to-day livelihood, namely: justice, harmony, equality, peace and love.

Our strong and open-minded students joined forces and dedicated their time and energy to honoring this day, to promoting healthy human values and instilling a noble mindset, challenging us to understand that the first step towards achieving and maintaining world peace starts with inner tranquility. Upon forming a giant peace human sign right in the middle of our football field, in unison, the students, the teachers, every participant for the International World Peace Day event sang “Heal the World” by Michael Jackon, as well as “Imagine” by John Lennon, in hopes that all these voices heal and give hope for a better world.   

We also had the opportunity to listen to a series of inspiring, deep and wonderful speeches from two of our incredible DP 1 students, as well as our guest speaker Hrant Jaghynian, who is 2010 Diploma Programme Mark Twain International School alumni and a member of the Peace Nobel Prize winner organization called ICAN. These wonderful people reminded us that no matter how different we may be from one another, there will always be this one characteristic that we share and never fails to bring us together: the fact that we are all human. Only though peace and harmony, through a sense of general unity between us people could we provide a brighter future for the actual generations and the generations yet to come.

It definitely was a special day to remember. Our school took the opportunity to remind everyone that peace is vital… it is vital for our growth, vital for a healthy change and, in the end, vital for a better future. For it is in our grasp to make these changes, to bring peace and harmony to this world and redefine its essence through the power of humanity. 

Florin Ionescu

Advancement Officer

Mark Twain International School