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The Creepy Crawly Halloween Party: Autumn Carnival 2023

The end of October was marked by a wonderful celebration in our school community! Taking place in our Secondary Campus courtyard, on the 25th of October 2023, Mark Twain International School organized the most thrilling event of the year: The Creepy Crawly Halloween Party: Autumn Carnival 2023.

And because Halloween is our favorite event celebration and the children love it the most from all the joyous and inspiring celebrations that we so delightfully put together, we wanted to make this year’s Halloween party as magical as possible. With a spectacular array of activities, ranging from magic arts & crafts to face painting, from spooky talent show competitions to an exciting rotten eggs race and even pumpkin decoration contests, our school yard turned into a spooky wonderland for kids and adults of all ages to enjoy. There was dancing! There was singing! We even had fireworks! Over a thousand participants in the Mark Twain International School Halloween fest transformed our Senior Campus into a genuine demonstration of joy and happiness. For there were not only goofy games and glittery costumes, but also a whole series of delicious liquors and bites to entice the mind and snare the senses.

One of the greatest attractions from this year’s autumn carnival was definitely the Haunted Mansion. The school’s cafeteria was redesigned with love and care by our teachers and older students and transformed into a frightening world, filled with specters and demons, with skeleton remnants, spiders, bats and many more creatures of the night, all meant to create an authentic experience pertaining to the horrifying atmosphere that surrounds the night of Halloween. And if the Haunted Mansion tour itself was not scary enough, the visitors were in for a surprise: the creepy cemetery set up right at the end changed a place that seemed so familiar for our day-to-day students into a sheer land of terror.

We would like to thank everyone for joining on this wonderful occasion, for celebrating autumn and its traditions alongside our beloved community and truly get a glimpse of Mark Twain International School’s out of class experience. We really hope to do it again next year and many-many years to come.

Florin Ionescu

Advancement Officer

Mark Twain International School