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IB Festival of Hope at Mark Twain IS

Mark Twain IS is choosing to be the change!

The Festival of Hope is an open invitation launched by the International Baccalaureate to bring issues that matter most in our life and our community to the foreground.

The Festival of Hope is the IB mission brought to life and, as an IB World School, Mark Twain IS embraces this amazing world-wide project and aligns to the values that it promotes. Our school's involvement is inspired by a sense of appreciation, respect, empathy and tolerance, through a series of activities that will shine a light on the voices of our students surrounding hope, peace, optimism, well being, mental health, climate protection, human rights etc.

The actions placed under the Festival of Hope will empower our students to stand up for the causes closest to their hearts as an act of empowerment and STUDENT AGENCY, and can also provide the spark that inspires others to stand with us.

The kick-off day of the Festival of Hope at Mark Twain IS is today, November 10, and it will last throughout the current academic year, with special focus during the months of November and December 2023. Under the guidance of their teachers, all Mark Twain IS students, from the youngest to the oldest, are invited to come up with a declaration of what gives them hope. The means of expression can include a variety of forms (literary, artsy, media, journalistic, fashion etc.): from short individual statements to elaborate group projects; from simple declarations to complex class initiatives, communicated in highly personal and creative ways, such as photos, videos, audio recording, 3-D projects, poems, essays, drawings, posters, collages, sketches, dancing, articles, ads, compositions and others.

All teachers are expected to participate actively and creatively in this whole-school project as mentors, facilitators, and partners in giving voice, choice and ownership to every member of our school community. All works registered in November and December will be centralized and exhibited in our school campuses before the holidays, and a selection will also be sent to the IBO. Please contact your academic director for more information and do visit https://ibo.org/festival-of-hope/ for more resources, inspiration and direction.

Let there be hope! Be in! Spread the news!

Sanda Sava

Orlandina Bulie

Anca Macovei-Vlăsceanu

(School Leadership for HOPE)