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Celebrating Mark Twain Day & Launch of Literary Awards for Children & Teens 2023 – 4th Edition

Mark Twain is the pen name of Samuel Langhorne Clemens (November 30, 1835 - April 21, 1910), an American writer, humorist, entrepreneur, publisher, and lecturer, praised as the "greatest humorist the United States has produced", and “the father of American literature".

Every year, as a means to celebrate The Mark Twain Day, our students engage in a variety of initiatives dedicated to the great writer, to mention but a few:

  • “The Mark Twain Legacy and Work Project”, designed to strengthen our community bonds in a fun and engaging manner. This provides a great opportunity for students to display and enhance their collaborative organizational skills and creative ones in a highly practical way.
  • “Fascinating Facts about Mark Twain” during their English Language and Literature classes, where they design and exhibit original posters to illustrate the writer’s famous quotes, a celebration of Samuel L. Clemens’ wit and wisdom.
  • Reading the short story “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County” and discussing the humorous plot, as well as the major lessons on lies, betrayal and competition.
  • A Homemade Goodies Bake Sale, to celebrate with cake, sweets and an overall great time, as well as making good profit. The money is donated to the Save the Children organization, in memory of the man who created the iconic Huckleberry Finn, a child of modest means, but one who captured our imagination and brightened our childhood.

Furthermore, we had come along to the 4th edition of The Mark Twain Literary Awards for Children & Teens! On December 5th, 2023, we set up a schoolwide ample and engaging writing event, an interdisciplinary learning experience connecting Language & Literature with Visual Arts aimed at encouraging students from preschool to high school levels to write creatively, shape up and construct meaningful and original artistic works, in order to authentically express themselves, immersing us all into the depth of emotion and ingenuity through the means of art.

A huge thank you to our English Language & Literature Faculty, as well as our Visual Arts Department! Well done, Mark Twainians! Keep up the great work and may you always have your spirit, humour and words by your side, and be inspired by our school name patron, one of the great writers of the world! Also, a big shout out on this occasion to our partners, The Mark Twain House and Museum in Connecticut USA and The Honorary Consulate of Romania to Connecticut, for facilitating this inspiring collaboration.

Advancement Team

Mark Twain International School