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Magical Winter Tales Festive Rituals from around the World

Hello world! As the magic of the Winter Season was upon us once again, Mark Twain International School, as a yearly statement of gratitude, acknowledging the variety of folklore and belief with an overall passion for learning and by creating a sense of unity between all citizens of the world, organized an event that encompassed a world-wide range of cultural experience and tradition related to the winter holidays.

From the 20th of November to the 20th of December, students had engaged in workshops for interactive story-telling about their own unique customs and tales from the beautiful and different lands of our diverse planet. Other workshops had focused on their national costumes or traditional attire, cooking traditional dishes, sharing with classmates and guests, and discussing how they celebrate with family and friends. 

The event was coordinated by our Arts Department and the workshops involved Romanian Language & Literature, History & Social Studies and the Arts Departments from both Junior and Senior Campuses.

These winter holidays, all cultures joined in a harmonious celebration of love, friendship and tradition, with a unanimous determination of spreading joy in all corners of the world!

Florin Ionescu

Advancement Officer

Mark Twain International School