Mark Twain International School

Theatre Course Description

Motto: “Everyone can act. Everyone can improvise. Anyone who wishes to, can play in the theatre.” ( Viola Spolin)


No matter your final university choice, Theatre is an exceptional subject to take. Because of its versatile nature, this subject can be the final target of one’s goals – turning it into a profession, as well as a core notion which will come in aid of your primordial passion. So, no matter the level, you are welcome!
The Theatre Course has as its mission to guide the Mark Twain IS students through a journey of exploration into the magical and indispensable world of theatre, helping students decipher the world around them, allowing them to become strong, empathetic individuals with an eloquent voice.


• Watching live theatre performances;
• Participating in numerous workshop and masterclasses;
• Access to excellent educational material;
• Interviews with theatre personalities;
• Exploring the craft from different perspectives ( creator, designer, performer, director);
• Practical exploration of main roles (creator, designer, performer, director);
• Strong emphasis on theoretical research;
• Constant feedback lessons;
• Participating in creating an original piece of theatre;
• Leading workshops to explore theatrical material;
• Using imagination and memory when creating;
• Researching theatrical traditions, theorists, companies, plays;
• Keeping a theatre journal;
• Live performance opportunities;
• Exploring the production and performance elements;
• Analyzing the art form of theatre ( plot, tension, symbol, space).
• Working your body and voice effectively.

What makes a good theatre maker?

• Determination
• Capable to take risks and assume courage
• Reflection
• Empathy
• Discipline
• Curiosity about society and life
• Cooperation with others.
• Talent
• Trust in your own craft

Duration of course?

2 years

Who’s teaching?

Actor Andrei Gheorghe, National University of Drama and Film in Bucharest


Trained at HB Studio and Actors Studio – New York City

A few words from Andrei:

“Dear students,

Let’s embark upon this two year journey through the realm of world theatre!

We will start from ancient times, where theatre was the most indispensable of art forms and we will arrive nowadays where it is just as crucial.

We will closely analyse structure and form, social context and purpose. In this challenging yet rewarding trip, we will research theoretical parts and apply them with practical tasks.

Beginners are welcome! As long as you have love for the arts, you are set!

You will have the opportunity to explore theatre as a director, performer, creator, designer which will hopefully give you a full understanding of this craft.

I’m here to patiently guide you to take this craft and even turn it into a profession.

This programme gives you one of the most interesting choices: to select the material that you want to study, based on your interest. What could be more appealing than researching and discovering more about what naturally interests you?

Looking forward to start our journey,