Visual Arts

Mark Twain International School

Visual Arts Course Description

The Visual Arts course at Mark Twain IS is intended to provide students with the opportunity to explore the visual expression of ideas through a variety of artistic manifestations.

The goal of these 2 years for the students will be drawing/painting realistically from sight and achieving successful compositions while utilizing the principles of design and gaining a mastery of different mediums.

Exploration of ideas involve:
• the individual’s intellectual, emotional, social and perceptual growth;
• strategies for generating creative ideas;
• the development of criteria for making and justifying judgments about artistic merit.

All students are challenged to achieve great results, with every task they undertake. Creativity is necessary for the harmonious development of the brain, but also the artistic performance.

The activities of the course are specially formulated for the development of creativity, including interactive presentations, visits to museums and galleries as well as outdoor workshops.

Students will concentrate on developing drawing and painting techniques, and producing works using a variety of techniques and mediums; scratchboard, pen and ink, charcoal, dry pastel, oil pastel, and acrylic paint.

The benefits of the course:
• one to one tutoring;
• exceptional educational material;
• participants will have the opportunity to interpret art, to discover hidden meanings and messages in the creations of great artists;
• the themes are structured so that the learning process includes a multitude of techniques and information that enrich general knowledge;
• the variety of themes completes the artistic education in schools, first of all by opening to the experiment (chromatic, graphic, technical) and then by emphasizing the development of the artistic personality of each participant;
• the participants deepen notions from the field of arts individually, depending on the personality and artistic orientation of each one;
• in school art studio;
• Sketch journal (a hybrid of a written journal and sketchbook).