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My name is
and I am the Secondary Deputy Academic Director and IB
Middle Years Programme Coordinator at the Mark Twain
International School, Bucharest.

I am proud to first and foremost introduce myself as an educator, as well as a mathematician,
because of the experience I have acquired since 1995, when I graduated from the University of

Mark Twain International School’s identity, its growth and advancement towards what it is today has been marked by moments of utmost importance, moments that have put an imprint on who I am today. In 2006, when I joined the Mark Twain IS team, the school was going through the authorization process of getting accredited by the IBO. Those times of energetic engagement are still vivid to my mind. I cannot really put into words the dedication of the team who for two whole years worked relentlessly towards a successful authorization process.
Beginning with 2008, our school became MYP Programme accredited. With this new step forward taken by our school, a change of vision was introduced in our students’ approaches to learning, our students discovering inquiry and the Learner Profile traits. This new educational philosophy was meant to lay the foundations of a real-life oriented curriculum and with each further stage that I witnessed, namely in 2012 – when I was appointed MYP Coordinator, 2014 – when I was appointed Academic Deputy Director and 2016 – when I was appointed Academic Director for Middle School, our school shaped its accomplished vision.
A few words about the perks of the Middle Years Programme:
Middle Years Programme has proven to best prepare students
for the Diploma Program (DP), while teaching them about
inquiry, risk-taking and living a balanced life, the approaches
to learning encourage students to look at the global world and
its issues with empathy and the willingness to change.
As universities are increasing their interest in students’ extra-curricular portfolios, the MYP delivers just that. Its activities that students embrace unhesitatingly, even passionately, relate to the world around them. They are the perfect occasion to start working towards the Diploma Programme.
The perfect occasion for the students to turn their personal interest into a project of their own is the Personal Project, a culminating task coming on completing 10th Grade. All these opportunities give students a great chance to build their portfolio for future success.
Mark Twain IS is fortunate to have an incredible team. As a
team, we work hard to create a beautiful, welcoming
environment for learning and connecting, a place we are all
proud to be a part of.