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What is the IB
Primary Years

The PYP is designed for students aged 3 to 12. It focuses on the
development of the whole child as an inquirer, both in the classroom and in
the world outside. It is a framework guided by six transdisciplinary themes
of global significance, explored using knowledge and skills derived from six
subjects areas, as well as transdisciplinary skills, with a powerful emphasis
on inquiry.

The PYP is flexible enough to
accommodate the demands of most
national or local curriculums and
provides the best preparation for
students to engage in the IB Middle
Years Programme.
The IB Primary
Years Programme
  • addresses students’ academic, social and emotional well-being;
  • encourages students to develop independence and to take responsibility for their own learning;
  • supports students’ efforts to gain understanding of the world and to function comfortably within it;
  • helps students establish personal values as a foundation upon which international-mindedness will develop and flourish.
The six subject areas
  • 01
  • 02
    Social Studies;
  • 03
  • 04
  • 05
  • 06
    Personal, Social & Physical Education.
The six transdisciplinary themes
  • 01
    Who we are;
  • 02
    Where we are in place and time;
  • 03
    How we express ourselves;
  • 04
    How the world works;
  • 05
    How we organize ourselves;
  • 06
    Sharing the planet.

These transdisciplinary themes help teachers develop
a programme of inquiries–investigations into important
ideas identified by Mark Twain IS and requiring a high
level of involvement on the part of the students. These
inquiries are substantial, in-depth and usually last for
several weeks.


In the final year of the programme, students undertake a collaborative,
transdisciplinary inquiry process that involves them in identifying,
investigating and offering solutions to real-life issues or problems.