Mark Twain
Council of Directors,
Leadership and
Management Team

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The Mark Twain IS Council of Directors, as well as the Leadership & Management
Team of the school, are responsible for coordinating all matters pertaining to school
mission, school governance and management, educational leadership,
strategies and policies, standards and procedures, studies, admissions,
registrations, national and international accreditations, human resources,
professional development, communication, international relations, budget,
finances, investments and other matters related to administration.

Anca Macovei Vlăsceanu
Mark Twain IS Founder, Chair & Head of School
Dan Macovei Vlăsceanu
General Director
Sanda Sava
Secondary Academic Director
Orlandina Bulie
PhD Primary Academic Director
Corina Popa
IB Primary Years Programme Coordinator
Floriana Florea
Secondary Deputy Academic Director | IB Middle Years Programme Coordinator
Olivia Fotescu
IB Diploma Programme Coordinator
Mihai Anton
Finance & Development Director
Ioana Macovei-Vlăsceanu
Chief Advancement Officer
‘Sometimes it falls
upon a generation to be
great. You can be that
great generation.’

These inspiring and befitting words of
Nelson Mandela ring true now more
than ever.

IB Class
of 2022!

Yet, after months of adversity affecting the world as we knew it, here we are today, in this unique reality that has given many of us novel meaning, purpose, and even a different perspective on life for some.

In this global context, your graduation (although evidently less dazzling than initially planned), has taken on equally-striking, new-found significance and value. A cultural rite of passage has become an unprecedented, renewed powerful summon from and for the future. The world needs you and is calling upon you, in one voice – to be brave, resilient, proactive and humane. It is asking you to channel your young spirit, energy, and all you have learned, in order to forge renewed, visionary trails – for your studies, profession, life and humanity.

Yes, life is interspersed with the unexpected, but, at the same time, with great beauty and depth. Although facing the unknown can be a daunting task, I believe you are all very fortunate, as I can think of no better preparation for the journey ahead than the International Baccalaureate Diploma – a programme which has opened your minds, provided you with invaluable tools for any challenge, empowered you to succeed in different circumstances and to create added value in your communities. All you have to do is earnestly search within yourselves and you will assuredly find the belief, strength and skills to lead you forward.

Anca Macovei Vlăsceanu
Mark Twain IS Founder, Chair & Head of School