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What is the
The National Baccalaureate is the educational project that MTIS young
people, aged between 14-19, undertake during the 4 years of high school,
depending on the profile chosen at the beginning of the 9th grade.
The final exams reflect a high general knowledge and cover the entire high school curriculum.
It is one of the ways in which students can
successfully pursue admission to universities
in Romania and abroad.

Our approach to
the National

The National Baccalaureate program is taught by experienced teachers that integrate both the Romanian educational vision and the international MYP vision of the International Baccalaureate.
During the 9th and 10th grades, our students are simultaneously involved in two large academic programs, accessing both the national cultural and scientific values, as well as the 14+ year tradition of the IB universe from the MTIS community.

Choosing the path

At the end of the 10th grade, students choose between the two major forms of study established in our community: the Diploma Programme and the National Baccalaureate.

Students following the National Baccalaureate Programme have two specializations at their disposal:

Humanities - Philology; and Real - Natural Sciences or Mathematics-Informatics, depending on the students' options, at the start of the 11th grade.
The MTIS vision
for the National
The fact that we are an international school with a 28-year track record is a testament to the respect we have for our national values.
We promote the principles the Romanian education system is built on, while also taking advantage of our international experience and vision.
According to the standards on which the national curriculum was built, the teaching at the Mark Twain International School promotes:
  • the perspective of lifelong education;
  • a focus on literacy, mathematics, linguistics, digital and civic skills;
  • entrepreneurship;
  • a disciplined and integrated approach;
  • well-being among students;
  • creative thinking for a holistic perspective on reality;
  • adaptation to formal, informal and non-formal communication contexts;
  • understanding global sustainability and the values of the digitized society;
  • equal opportunities through education for everyone and for each individual;
  • orientation towards success and excellence.
The National Baccalaureate is our students’ likeliest choice of diploma.
In this sense, the MTIS team supports excellence and the innovative spirit, nurturing the
ideals of young people who come to our universe to discover themselves and the
university where they want to specialize, and offering them a relaxed learning
environment, based on respect and academic integrity.
Exams within the
After graduating from high school, MTIS students take the exams of the National Baccalaureate in order to gain eligibility to the university they want to attend in Romania or abroad. The subjects depend on the student's profile during the high school years. The Romanian Language and Literature written exam is mandatory for all students.
The Baccalaureate exam contains oral tests
(eliminatory) and written tests.

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10 reasons to
choose the
  • International recognition
    Your National Baccalaureate diploma can get you accepted at any
    national and international university, depending on the final grade or the
    portfolio the student applies with
  • MTIS students have a dedicated team for
    admission projects
    A dedicated team of teachers is available to students who are taking the
    exams, offering a wide range of activities and optional courses and
    turning the National Baccalaureate in a game of creativity and courage.
  • Exams are in Romanian
    The National Baccalaureate is dedicated to students who are native
    speakers of the Romanian language, therefore, for many of them, the
    exams are the most straightforward way to earn their diploma
  • Simple format: 3 written exams, 3 oral tests
    The exams have a clear structure, and are composed of 3 large,
    accessible subjects. Grading is done from 1 to 10. The student must
    obtain at least a grade of 5 in each subject, and the final grade average
    must be 6 in order to obtain the diploma. The grades for the oral tests are not taken into account when calculating the final grade.
  • You learn to become a curious, open individual
    with vast general knowledge
    The tradition of the National Baccalaureate is built on the canonical
    values ​​of Romanian culture, connected with the global values of the day.