Mark Twain

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The Spirit of

School of the Year Award

The original goal of the founders, that is still vividly central to the school’s philosophy today, was to offer students a high-quality international education, by creating a 21st century learning environment where students from all walks of life thrive, grow and develop in the spirit of exploration, innovation, and achievement.


The award recognises excellence in schools’ standards, practices and results, encompassing aspects such as: national and international accreditations and affiliations, educational values, curriculum, assessment, internationalism, bilingualism, the teaching and learning process, academic performance, student satisfaction, student safety, professional development, leadership, social responsibility and involvement in the local and global community, promoting the arts, sciences and sports, cooperation with other national and international schools and educational institutions, action taken towards the implementation of information technology throughout the educational process, facilities, financial sustainability, creativity and innovation.

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Positive Teaching & Learning

Mark Twain International School is committed to offering an inspiring academic environment to all its students and to facilitating a positive and productive teaching and learning atmosphere that is naturally conducive to added value throughout the educational process and to outstanding scholastic achievement.


Inspiring School Life

Academic excellence is present in all aspects of school life:

  • thriving and motivated students with exceptional overall results, guided by the attributes of the IB Learner Profile;
  • well-prepared, caring and dedicated teachers, committed to continuous professional enhancement;
  • a continuum of three highly challenging and globally acknowledged academic programmes;
  • international-mindedness and thought-provoking topics for all age groups;
  • a teaching and learning system conceived to foster students’ endeavors towards high achievements in a highly competitive local and global context.
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Acces to Higher

From High School Life to University Requirements

In our present-day competitive global environment, high school graduates need to have an advantage and Mark Twain International School has a clear and desirable standing in making certain our alumni receive offers from some of the world’s major universities across a range of study fields.


Our leadership members, teachers, and counselors proficiently assist students in developing self-awareness and researching their opportunities and provide valuable backing in the transition from high school life to the academic pace and requirements in higher education.


Every year, relevant MTIS faculty facilitate communication for students with leading universities worldwide and are actively involved in the application and referee process making sure that our graduates move on to successfully pursue sought-after undergraduate and graduate studies, proudly representing Mark Twain International School as alumni ambassadors as they continue their academic and professional journey.

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International Baccalaureate

Since 2010, MTIS IB Diploma Programme students sit the International Baccalaureate, thus joining the
100000 students in over 125 countries, representing over 205 nationalities, who participate annually in this session of IB examinations, recognized worldwide as being extremely challenging and highly complex. To this date, 100% of MTIS students who take the International Baccalaureate succeed with overall excellent results.

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A Spirited

Working Together

Mark Twain International School is a high-ranking institution where students and faculty are committed to learning, to attaining noteworthy results in the process, and to maintaining overall high scholastic performance throughout. Joined by active parents in their efforts, they come together as one, in a focused community, constantly aspiring for excellence. Furthermore, the student-led conferences, the parent-teacher meetings, the school exhibitions, the programme presentations, the cultural events, scientific fairs and athletic tournaments, fund-raisers, the end-of-the-year and graduation ceremonies are all examples of the numerous opportunities for students, teachers, school leadership and parents to meet, throughout the school year, in a positive and supportive learning environment of great benefit to our students.


Having Fun

In addition, when it comes to having fun, members of the MTIS community always find the time and the energy to organize enjoyable events designed for all ages and interests: international open house evenings, carnivals, field trips, sports competitions, group expeditions, graduation celebrations, birthday parties, social gatherings, prom parties, and all kinds of festivities.


Long-lasting Friendships

Our diverse student body and their families are sociable and caring and they grow close throughout the years forming special bonds and friendships that frequently last, to our delight, beyond the MTIS years.


Students at the Forefront

Students are well cared for by our experienced faculty and staff with permanent access to academic advice, mentoring, counselling, career guidance, health care, regular school meals, and social and financial support. They are also encouraged to develop strong communication skills, an understanding of their social responsibilities, a positive attitude to conflict resolution, and they also have a voice through the newly created MTIS Students’ Council.

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