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Admission policy
Pre-Primary & Early Learning

We welcome all children aged 2 to 6 that possess academic potential and that have the capability to benefit from the educational climate specific to MTIS, as well as from the values and principles of an IB international education.

Primary School

Students seeking admission by transfer are required to take an interview/a test aimed at evaluating their academic potential. Students that possess solid English skills are given priority. The optimum age recommended by MTIS for enrollment at entry level in the Preparatory Class is 6.

Middle & High School

The admission to the high or middle school is conditioned by a high level of proficiency in English (International Division) or in the two languages of instruction – English, and Romanian. Diagnostic tests and assessed in one of the following subject areas: English and/or Romanian, and Maths.

How to apply

5 Steps to

*Mark Twain IS reserves its right to practice
flexible fees depending on seasonal offers,
scholarships and other special offers
(ex:sibling discounts).

Please contact us for more information.

  • Step 1
    Contact Us & Schedule Your Guided Campus Tour
  • Step 2
    Come to School for Your Guided Campus Tour
  • Step 3
    Head of Studies Educational Presentation Online or Face-to-face
  • Step 4
    Senior Campus Mark Twain IS Level Evaluation Test
  • Step 5
    Finance Department Interview to Discuss Personalised Fees and Taxes


Mark Twain International School welcomes students ages 2 to 19 from all
over the world, depending on availability of places and in accordance to its
entry standards.


Admission of candidates and renewal of registration for MTIS students are carried out based on:
  • parents’ or legal guardians’ commitment to support the school mission;
  • student’s desire and ability to benefit from the MTIS educational environment;
  • school’s capability to address the student’s educational needs;
  • parents’ or legal guardians’ fulfillment of their financial obligations towards the school;
  • affidavit certifying the student’s health condition.

Academic Entry

MTIS reserves the right to subject the prospective students to an interview and
to a test of aptitudes, as well as to allow new students a period of adaptation to
the requirements and specific standards of our school.


a visit

Or schedule a hands-on week of Mark Twain IS by requesting our ‘ONE-WEEK
FREE PASS’ from the school main office.

Senior Campus
Mark Twain IS Secondary Division, Grades 5-12
89-93 Erou Iancu Nicolae Street, Baneasa
Bucharest 077190 – ROMANIA
Junior Campus
Mark Twain IS Primary & Early Childhood Division
25 Erou Iancu Nicolae Street, Baneasa
Bucharest 077190 – ROMANIA