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Our core values


The Spirit of Achievement

The original goal of the founders, that is still vividly central to the school’s philosophy today, was to offer students a high-quality international education, by creating a 21st century learning environment where students from all walks of life thrive, grow and develop in the spirit of exploration, innovation, and achievement.


A Global-minded school

Founded on the strong belief that international education is crucial for students’ development into fulfilled and actively involved adults of the world, our school has emerged and grown naturally as an expression of the local community’s need for a global-minded institution where teaching is either carried out in English or in a bilingual English-Romanian.


Inspiring students and teachers

Our students are involved in wide-ranging programmes that stimulate excellence, intellectual precision and creativity. Although the academic standards are high, the learning environment is secure and inviting, and fosters understanding and respect. The low student-teacher ratio allows us to celebrate the individual gifts of each student, to encourage their different styles and to guide them in attaining their goals.


Shared Humanity & Richness of culture

Mark Twain IS appreciates our shared humanity and rejoices in the richness of cultures from all around the world. We look forward to sending open-minded representatives out into the world, which will have learned to cooperate with other international citizens in creating a better world. We are committed to the ideal of peaceful unity in diversity.


Quality language program

The English and bilingual divisions of Mark Twain IS, the rich international languages programme, the diversity of the student body, our challenging IB continuum of learning, and our ongoing national-international professional development programme are just a few of the many ways we show our commitment to quality language education and to internationalism.


Focus on co-curricular & community

Mark Twain IS also actively promotes the involvement of students in arts, sciences, sports and community events, as well as in energetic social responsibility initiatives and environment-awareness projects.


Did you know?

The Mark Twain Theater Festival is one of the most beloved junior drama festivals in Romania.

Our Mission & Philosophy

Mark Twain International School is committed to offering its students a high-
performing, yet supportive learning environment, tailored to their individual
needs, styles and goals, that will encourage them to become informed life-
long learners.

As citizens of one world, our graduates will have learned to face the demands
of life in the 21st century with confidence, integrity, compassion, creativity
and love of peace and humanity.

Top Accreditation Portfolio and
over 40 co-curriculars

Mark Twain International School Bucharest is ARACIP, IB (PYP, MYP & DP) &
Cambridge accredited. Choose a Bilingual or an International Division and
personalize your academic journey today.