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Sports Day @ Mark Twain IS 2024

Celebrating International Day of Sport for Development & Peace

Sports Day @ Mark Twain IS 2024: Celebrating International Day of Sport For Development & Peace is one of the important international celebrations our school is turning into tradition, by inspiring generations with its powerful message: “Mens sana in corpore sano.”, or for a modern twist, “A well-balanced life-style is always supported by a healthy approach to physicality. A healthy mind in a healthy body! ” Sports play an important role in the overall development of a child’s skills from a young age. As such, the integration of sport activities in a school curriculum helps children maintain or boost their physical health, at the same time ensuring that their fundamental life skills are properly fostered. A school environment where structured physical activities play a significant part in the overall curriculum stimulates leadership and social skills alongside physical endurance, which are essential for a healthy and prosperous lifestyle.

This year, our Junior and Senior Campuses, on the occasion of Sports Day 2nd Edition celebrated at Mark Twain International School, brought together students, athletes, faculty, families and special guests in a celebration of sports, physical education, physical or mental health, and wellbeing. Students from all divisions of study participated in engaging outdoor activities like soccer games, volleyball and basketball matches, athletics and more, all of them being organized by our spirited and dedicated gym teachers and coaches.

Sports Day not only encourages students to be more active and consider adopting a more active lifestyle overall, but also inspires them to be risk takers and just give things a try even if they are not yet proficient in that specific domain. Sports Day is not about being an expert at something, but rather about enjoying the experience to the fullest. It also improves social skills between students, helping them develop friendships and relationships which are based on emotional support and consideration between one another. Last but not least, Sports Day serves as a yearly powerful reminder of the lifelong benefits that revolve around being an active human being, highlighting the beauty of personal accomplishment and growth. As long as you embrace the challenges, keeping yourself on track, you manage to stay true to who you are and thus get closer to who you wish to become. For one of the most important messages of Sports Day is the value of just giving things a go!

We would like to thank everyone for participating in such great numbers and being a true source of inspiration for the Mark Twain IS community and the world outside of it. There is no denying that sports play a significant role in the overall development of students, encouraging them to grow into healthy, socially responsible and compassionate citizens of one world.

Florin Ionescu

Advancement Officer

Mark Twain International School