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My name is
and I am currently the Diploma Programme Coordinator at
Mark Twain International School.

I have been passionately teaching Mathematics for the past 20 years. After gaining the Bachelor
Diploma in 2000 and Master Diploma in Algebra in 2002, I have enriched my teaching experience
working in public schools in Romania and joining a private school in Budapest for 4 years, as Head of Mathematics.

I joined Mark Twain International School in 2019 immediately
after my family repatriation and I have discovered here a
fantastic team of dedicated teachers.
In the past few years I had the chance of being trained as both MYP Mathematics teacher and Diploma Programme Coordinator. This is how I have discovered the unlimited beauty of IB education and the unexpected horizons that this kind of international education is opening for the students.
The Diploma Programme is a challenging and equally rewarding 2 years-long programme, rigorously guided by International Baccalaureate Organization, focused on each student’s personal growth, giving all of them the freedom of creating their unique personal pathways.
Our school is offering the Diploma Programme for all our
students who want international recognition, by continuously
and carefully guiding them in correlation with the results of
Pre-DP tests for Mathematics and English.
Diploma Programme encourages students to become active compassionate and lifelong learners while being committed to testing independent thinking and research skills during rigorously developed assessments while respecting strictly the academic honesty and integrity.
Our team of open-minded DP teachers are constantly trained according to the latest standards of IB. They are always ready to help the students to achieve more than they think they can, they are inspiring students not only academically, but also personally and socially and to make a difference in the world.
Personally, I believe that you can teach a student a lesson every
day but if you can teach him to learn by creative curiosity, he
will continue the learning process as long as he lives. This is
my mission at Mark Twain IS.