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Speech Cyrine Al Bazzaz

Esteemed faculty, proud parents, and the graduating class of 2024,
Today we are here to celebrate one of the most important achievements of our life, graduating High
School. This moment, which once seemed so far away, has arrived faster than we could have imagined.
in the blink of an eye, it is now our turn to wear our cap and gown, wait for our names to be called to
receive our diplomas, and toss our caps in the air.
Though it may sound cliché, today truly marks the end of a chapter in our lives. But as with any great
book, the end of one chapter is merely the beginning of another ready to be written. Although we have
finished this chapter in our life, just like a book we can reread this chapter and relive the wonderful
memories we have made along the way . There have definitely been ups and downs throughout the
completion of the Diploma program, whether it was studying for mocks, racing to meet the deadlines,
completing reflections last minute, IA experiments failing, and the dreadful and never-ending exam
days, but I am satisfied and proud to say that we overcame all these challenges and have persevered.
But of course, our achievements would not have been possible without the unwavering support of our
dedicated teachers, who guided us and prepared us for our IB exams, as well as our DP coordinator Miss
Olivia who made sure we respected the deadlines and ensured we had a smooth sailing exam session,
and of course the unconditional support from our parents and families who had to deal with our
breakdowns despite them being confused by the many complex IB terminology and abbreviations that
sound the same. Lastly, I want on behalf of the class of 2024 to thank our homeroom teacher Miss
Melania for being our greatest support, organizing and planning everything to ease our stress, and
surprising us with treats in our morning psychology classes.
Before I end this speech, I want to extend my best wishes to all of my classmates who I have survived
the IB with. I wish you all good luck and I am certain all of you will go on to do amazing things and excel
in any field you choose to partake in.
Now to finish off, I’d like to thank all of you for taking the time to listen to my speech and I wish you all a
summer filled with prosperity and joy.
Congratulations class of 2024!